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International Service project SARIS 2007- 2009

It was after conversations with Ladies' Circle India at the International Contact meeting in Alkmaar 2006. that the then current President, Mandy Vines along with Vice President Michelle Taylor, put forward a proposal of helping LC India in their sanitary quest. Over the seas a hand of friendship was extended and a proposal bid was put forward - who knew where it would end....

Many of GB&I Circlers arrived in Tallin full of fun and friendship. Mandy Vines (IPP) and Michelle Taylor (President) paved the way at the council meeting with much fun and song! Dressed in saris, the bid for the International Service Project was on for the AGM on the Friday. Once again, Michelle Taylor and Sharon Abba, sang their hearts out, accompanied by Chris Wright (Project Chairman) and Trudy Kennedy (National Charities Officer) who also worn beautiful saris on a very hot day.

GB&I had won the bid…………….

Now the work has to start. GB&I will head the new International Project 2007-2009 with the help of the rest of LCI. We look forward to working beside all of our International circlers.

The name - Project SARIS - Sanitation At Rural Indian Schools, 
Aim  - Build 100 toilet blocks at rural schools in India 
Cost - €700 builds 1 toilet block (total required around €70,000)

The reason for this project is due to the schools that have been built across India (many by the Round table India project  “Freedom through Education”) they are built without toilet facilities.  It is known that 50% of girls that drop out of education do so between the ages of 10 and 12,  this is a point when a girl starts to mature, she is unwilling to continue to go to the toilet in the open air and where toilet facilities do not exist the only option is for her to drop out at which point her education stops.

A girl needs to develop, build her confidence and be independent both mentally and financially, Especially in a developing nation.

All these are possible with a proper education. 
This is achieved with proper infrastructure in the schools. A toilet block plays a vital role for a girl during her education.