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International Service project ECPAT 2009 - 2011

ECPAT International and the Youth Partnership Project (YPP) 
ECPAT Internationals vision is that all children have the right to live free from sexual exploitation; this  includes child prostitution, child pornography, child sex tourism and  trafficking for sexual purposes. The commercial sexual exploitation of children is estimated to be the third most lucrative business in the world after weapons and drugs (Karlen, 2009).

ECPAT has started an international project called The Youth Partnership Project for Child Survivors and Youth at Risk of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (YPP). The aim of the project is that youth volunteers are taught how to help other exploited and at-risk children to access services and opportunities to recover from their traumatic experiences and to build their self-esteem so that they can return to a more normal life. Through the “Peer Support Programmes” many of the children are taught leadership and communication skills on how to reach out to and befriend other children in trouble and in this way are taught how to help and support other children affected by sexual exploitation. A child who has been raped and sexually exploited for money finds it easier to identify themselves with and trust those who have themselves been in a similar situation. 

The money raised by Ladies Circle International will be used to start up new YPP  projects in Chile, Cameroon, Mexico and Kyrgyzstan.

A large number of youth –led awareness raising projects will operate within the YPP. These projects will help even more of the exploited children from these countries. This is just a sample of the activities which will be made possible because we have selected the YPP as our international charity project.

Our Goal – 20 EUROS per member! 
Together with all the ladies circle clubs over the world, we want to raise more than 200 000 EURO for the international service project. 
We are 12 503 members worldwide. If every member raises 20 EURO’s (10 EURO’s per year) then we will reach our goal.

Remember the trade of sexually exploiting children for money is the third most lucrative industry in the world. Don’t let this industry grow!!